Do you have doubts and find it hard to close the gap between the you, you are and who you were made to be?  Relentless distractions and fear of rejection keep us from living a life full of joy, hope and prosperity.  Purely Wild Life can help increase your confidence and give you a clear sense of direction while making life long connections with other peers.  We build young faith filled leaders. 

Now more then ever there is a need for a safe place for teens to feel accepted, loved and heard. Here you will have  personal support, mentoring and an advocate as well as being able to make connections with others who are conquering the same mountains. You will be equipped with strategies to increase self worth, self understanding and self acceptance.  You will grow in your ability to make great choices that will shape the rest of your life. Each member is fostered and encouraged to move towards discovering and using the valuable and distinctive gifts God has given them.

The Purely Wild Life community allows teens and young adults to have conversations and discuss what’s on their minds, in a fun and safe space.  A place where we come together to build each up and never be alone, in your thoughts or experiences because hey, we all struggle.  We were designed to be in community.  The journey can be hard – you don’t have to do it alone.

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Our Coaching and mentoring will be both principle and biblical based.  You will discover your true Godly purpose, inner strength and build emotional wellness so you will have a mindset of success and confidence!  What you will uncover is really nothing new because  your potential and God given talents have always been there.  People fail to change because they fail to realize our beliefs determine our behavior.  This community will help you silence your negative inner voice and draw out your internal motivation and hearts desire.  Turning your weaknesses into strengths and going from inaction to IN ACTION!

You were created to be a world shaker so get ready to start honoring your purpose!  Its time to stop letting the enemy allow you to doubt that!

Join a community that is alive with a powerhouse of questions, guidance, encouragement, answers and truths!  A safe place where you’ll have personal support to become the best version of yourself.  Successful and prosperous at the highest level!

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  • The gap of where you are and where you want to be
  • Discovering the clues to our purpose
  • Your mindset and values
  • Making Identity shifts
  • Habits and behavior building
  • Taking wise risks and making Godly decisions 
  • Making resistance non existent 
  • Putting your motivation on speed dial
  • Putting structure in place for long term growth and success
  • Becoming a young leader of America through Christ 
  • Healthy habits and lifestyle
  • Friendships and healthy boundaries


  • Monthly Live Virtual Group Life Coaching
  • Drawings for free 1:1 Coaching
  • “Hangouts” forum style to ask questions and give support
  • Safe community to build friendships with like minded teens
  • Challenges and Quizzes to keep on track with goals
  • Weekly text of inspiration from Gods word
  • Daily hours of availability to chat with Admin Life Coach 
  • Live local Christian concerts and gatherings that will be streaming too
  • Making life long friendships and connections 


Are you ready to start living a more satisfying and meaningful life?

Then don’t waste another second – join now and yes, start getting excited!

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Free access to our teen community.  Be inspired and uplifted with our daily posts from our coaches.  Ask questions and join groups!
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Life Coaching Community
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Same community PLUS Access to Live Coaching Calls & Mentors
All the priceless features talked about on our site
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We are a compassionate community and the generosity of our donors help us to educate, support and empower teens by providing opportunities to engage with qualified coaches.  They have the ability to make life long connections with other peers in a safe environment, which may not otherwise be available to them. We believe we all are created for purpose and deserve a bright future!

Your entire donation goes to bridge the financial gap for teens to become a member of our community and help put them on a clear path to living a faith filled successful life!

Thank you for your generosity and support!