Why we need friends

For better or for worse from this day forward…. WAIT a minute doesn’t that only apply to marriages? No way honey! In fact I think to this statement (sad but true) seems to apply more to friendships. Really it is fitting.

Sharing good time and happiness with friends is priceless. Often these are the times that make your life feel meaningful. It’s great to have a good circle of healthy friendships. You create a strong bond with close friends who all want the same thing – to live a happy life… like for real. Not just a Facebook happy life. Real friends share laughs, memories and inside jokes. They share your good time and increase the feeling of happiness when you reach your goals or milestones in life. They also are there to be your biggest fan and lift your up when things aren’t going so well, or experiencing loss or just need a shoulder cry on. We’ve all been there right?

This is a perfect reason to join the Purely Wild Life community. You can be what you are and who you are. You don’t need to hide behind a wall or put on a persona just to be accepted.  True friends support and encourage you, tolerate your shortcomings and accept you unconditionally. You can share, discuss and explore your feelings with them and feel good about doing it. So JOIN today and be a part of something bigger than you and me. It truly is better to walk through the dark with a friend than in the light alone.


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