Why sleeping helps you loose weight!

Losing weight can be hard! – waking up early for workouts, killing cravings, opting to stand over sitting, it is not an easy task where the mind is full of struggle. But what if tell you weight loss can be as easy as sleeping. Yes, you read that right. Sleeping can help you lose weight in many ways. Here’s we list a few of them.

It stops late night munchies
The longer you are awake, the more likely you are to binge. Late night binge sessions can make you gain up to two pounds in a week, according to a research by the University of Pennsylvania.

Good sleep helps you burn calories
The normal functioning of the body continues even when we sleep. This functioning of the body requires energy, which burns calories. A study from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that people who get a good night’s sleep, their resting energy expenditure is more than those who do not sleep properly. People who sleep properly also burned 20 per cent more calories after a meal as compared to their sleep-deprived counterparts. 

Boosts fat loss
Even if you eat the exact number of calories recommended by your nutritionist, but do not sleep properly, you won’t drop as much fat as someone who is sleeping better. A study conducted by the University of Chicago asked two groups of people to consume the same number of calories. But one group slept for eight and a half hours while the other slept only for five and a half hours. The group that slept for more hours lost more weight by the end of the month as compared to those who slept less.

Manages the leptin level
Leptin is the satiety hormone. Not sleeping properly drives down the leptin levels, which causes your body to crave for more carbs, which leads to weight gain. 

Proper sleep enhances your physical activity level
Lack of sleep can lead to daytime fatigue. This tiredness can make you feel less motivated to exercise. And when you exercise while you are tired you are more likely to give up early (not completing your workout session). 
Sleeping properly increases the intensity of your physical activity.


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