TEEN TALK: “girl that dress won’t make you happy”

In todays world were hit from every direction about what they think we want. You’ll want this perfume because it will attract the boys. You’ll want these leggings because they’ll make you look thinner. You’ll want this hair color because you’ll have more fun… Where did the statement blondes have more fun come from anyway? I was blonde as a child and now well, not so much and I’m still having fun!

You may want it and it may make you happy for a short while but I can promise you one thing… You. Will. NEVER. Be. Satisfied.

I know bummer. But it’s really so true. The enemy pushes us from behind towards empty worldly things because he knows that will breed jealousy, discontentment, anger and frustration. These ultimately lead to disappointment and next thing you know your head is filled with things like –

“Im lonely”, “Nobody likes me”, “I’m not skinny enough”, “I”m bored” “I wish I looked like her”

And when that sets in, watch out! You just let the enemy rent space in your mind. Listen up girls, it’s time to stop letting him steal your joy!

The #1 thing that holds people back from having a life where you just get up, feel amazing, and connect with people in new meaningful way.

(Drum roll please)

Not being grateful.

You can have all the trophies, money or trending clothes in the world. But, if your not grateful for any of it there is nothing you can do, buy or achieve to have a truly good life. Nothing will ever get better. It will be the same cycle of

want – get – temporary happiness – disappointment – boredom – want something new again…. and again and again and again!

We were created to have life overflowing with joy, love, goodness and prosperity! Did you know that? Do you WANT that? I can’t imagine anyone is saying no.

Unlike the enemy, Jesus never pushes. He leads us toward accepting the most amazing gift!

(This one you want)

Ok, what is it Kelly?

A relation with the creator of the universe! The one who has every hair on your head numbered. The one who put the stars in the sky and the one who says “girl you are a masterpiece!”

When we decide to follow Jesus something changes in you. You will be filled with a new and powerful sense of acceptance, beauty and love so much it won’t even be an option not to pay it forward!! Wow! Imagine if we all took this leap of faith. Imagine if we all placed our trust in Jesus…. we’d have nothing to loose and life of abundance to gain!!

So no, that dress won’t make you happy… but Jesus will!

If a relationship with Jesus is new to you or didn’t exist at all and now you have questions. Please reach out. I would love to support you however I can on your Journey with Jesus.


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