1 on 1 Transformational Teen Life Coach

Being just ok should never be enough!

There are two kinds of beliefs.  Empowering ones that help you live a victorious life and Limiting ones that hold you back.

Gaining perspective on our own lives can be hard whether you are an adult or teen.  Our emotions easily trip us up and make us become irrational.

Coaching with me is cultivating authentic relationship that is centered around my clients.  Each person is uniquely different. Sometimes we just need someone to listen intuitively and help us become experts in ourselves to have better control over our habits, thought process and behavior.

My Christian values are my core beliefs and I love helping my clients see themselves as God sees them.  Successful and prosperous at the highest level!  Loved and chosen with valuable and distinctive gifts!

When we accept the Kingdom of God we attract all the abundance the universe has to offer!

Your insight is much more powerful than any advice!

Why Does My Child Need a Life Coach?

You love your children and want Gods best for them!   Maybe your child is at the age where the natural “pulling away” begins and they aren’t confiding in you as much about what is going on in their daily life.

Maybe you recognize they need a trusted, outside person who can support and encourage them as they walk through this season of life. Whether its because there are conflicts at home or your child is dealing with a negative self image, depression, relationship challenges, lack of motivation or need help finding their passion and direction. I create a safe judgment free environment for them to process whatever is on their heart.  As their coach they will feel accepted, supported and loved.  There will be a trust built so they are confident in expressing themselves while learning to have a healthy voice, the ability to set good boundaries and confident in great love God has for them.

Your child will have me as their personal support, mentor and advocate. I will equip them strategies to increase, self worth, self understanding and self acceptance.  They will grow in their ability to make great choices that will shape the rest of their lives. This will bring out the very best version of who they are and who they are meant to be!  My coaching will always be positive and proactive – moving them forward with who they want to become while handling the hurdles along the way!

Sessions are confidential for teens over age 17 unless there are harmful behaviors such as child abuse, suicidal or homicidal thinking. To keep parents informed, for teens under age 16, there is a summary sheet sent out monthly by email if desired. The summary will include general topics discussed, assignments, strengths and areas of improvement still needed. Teens will be included and aware of this plan.

We are only able to give what we are and we were made for amazing things!  Change comes about from motivation not information.  


About Me

I am a certified Christian Life Coach and a single mom of 4 kids, two which are teenagers.  My life story is one of being suppressed, discouraged and told I wasn’t enough.  In the hardest season of my life I experienced first hand Gods unfailing love and care for me and my children.  Through others he taught me how to love myself and how to completely rely on him alone making my life better then I could ever have imagined!

I have a heart to work with teens, pre-teens and young adults.  As I’ve seen in my own daughters this is a pivotal age where the decisions they make alter and determine the path they take in life.

Are You Ready To Transform You Or Your Child's Life?