Homemade tincture to boost weight loss

We that if you eat pineapple, you can lose weight. However, let’s figure it out, is this really true, is it really possible to lose weight with pineapple, and what is the magic power of this fruit?

In addition to its large number of vitamins, pineapple contains potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, copper, zinc, magnesium, iodine, organic acids and fiber. You can’t deny that pineapple is very useful for the body.

Pineapple is very efficient at removing excess fluid from the body. However, the most surprising is the fact that ripe pineapples contain bromelain! It’s a key enzyme that helps in losing weight.

Many people believe that bromelain helps in burning already accumulated fats in the body, but in fact it is not quite so. Bromelain does not burn your own fat, but it helps the body break down the fats it receives with food.

So, it significantly reduces the amount of fat entering the body with food. Also, it helps the proteins to be better absorbed in the body. Proceeding from this, it can be concluded that it is true that pineapple can become a good helper in such a difficult thing as getting rid of excess pounds.

So to get the maximum content of bromelain, you can make pineapple tincture!

You need:

a good pineapple, large and fragrant, such that the smell seduces even through the peel

0.5 l of vodka

Next, with a brush, wash the pineapple so that the peel is clean. Then cut off the leaves and the bottom and blend it together with the peel. Pour vodka there, tightly close and put in the refrigerator for a week.

You should take 1 tablespoon of this tincture 15 minutes before you eat, 2-3 times a day. Those who want to enhance the effect, can also drink one more spoonful at bedtime, about an hour before going to bed. If you suddenly eat very fatty foods, then you can take another spoon to help your body cope with it.


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