Grow & Go

So I wasn’t even sure what to call this episode but I went with Grow and go because we are to be growing in our faith and we are called to go and share our faith.

The Bible says in Matthew 9:37
“The harvest truly is plentiful, but the laborers are few.”

That couldn’t be more true as statistics show only 1 in 10 Christians share their faith… wow, only 1 in 10? How can that be? Why is it becoming so increasingly optional?

It can’t be that we’re shy because if you scroll through social media people post about what they had for breakfast, lunch and how high their dog jumped that day.

So I was really thinking on what stops us?  And I think when we here sharing our faith we jump right to the thought that that means sharing with strangers and people stop right there.  But what about just sharing with our kids?  Its amazing how the enemy stops us from doing even that.  Were tired, its been a long day the kids aren’t even ready for bed yet and its 9 so we think – ok we’ll just get back to it tomorrow.  and the enemy sits and claps because he one.  Were all guilty of it.

Last night I was doing a bible study with my kids…..

If I am certain of anything its that the gospel will change everyone! It’s not only for a certain race, or people with a certain job, income or upbringing. We have something essential to share! Something amazing, life giving and soul saving! In fact, sharing your faith will strengthen yours!

The Bible says in 1 Corinthians 15:3
“For what I received I passed on to you as of first importance: that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures”

This is the best news ever! Jesus died and took our hell so we can have the chance to have his heaven! No one will ever love you that much!

So again I ask, why don’t we share this love? Are we afraid?  Remember Jesus was perfect and people still didn’t like him.  

Get rid of the distractions and get back to spending time with the Lord and learning of his magnificent splendor.  Spend time with other believers.  Spend time getting excited about all the ways God has moved in your life and all the things you have learned and how you have grown in times of grief.  Get excited because our personal testimony is so very powerful! 

We need to get our teens excited about Jesus because when they are excited they share right?  When they get something new oh they jump to phone to FaceTime their friends and put it on blast!

Our souls long for God, he wired us that way.  Deep down we all are craving his love.

I will never forget the day my daughter, then 2 years old choked. I leaped into action because I love her, I know her worth and value her soul. When we can come to that realization that the souls of ALL  people around us are valued beyond measure to our heavenly father we will be motivated to get passed our fear and speak of this his love and saving grace.

We need to go from “Do I have to share the gospel?” to “Wow, I get to share the gospel!”.  God calls for not only faithfulness but fruitfulness.  When we read his word we renew our minds.

and I pray that excitement stirs in your heart and you will not be ashamed; and with great boldness and pure love for the one who gives eternal life you will sing from the mountains of his mercy, forgiveness and relentless, unfailing love! Christ himself has promised that the gates of Hell shall not prevail against us so go and know that he will give you all the courage you need as he walks before us and behind us!

Thank you for listening and I hope you found this encouraging 


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