Does God Love You More Than Me?

I was talking to a close friend today who has been suffering with cancer and other health problems for many years. He asked me “Do you think God punishes us?” “Do you think God loves some of us more than others?”

My immediate answer was “No, of course not!” However as I reflect on that conversation I can see how people… a lot of people may feel that way.

I can’t tell you why you are where you are in life but I can tell you without a doubt Jesus loves you so greatly we can’t even fully comprehend it. God sacrificed his one and only son to bridge the gap that sin has made.
God loves all people with equal intensity. The questions may change but the answer will always be the same. God is Love therefore he doesn’t know how to do anything but love. To make this even more amazing we are contingent beings. That means we didn’t have to exist! He loved you so much he created you because he wanted you!

We cannot define Gods love by a smooth life. In fact Jesus told us in the Bible that we will face trials (John 16:33) and when our hearts are hurting and we are facing difficult circumstances the voice of the enemy what the Bible calls the father of lies (John 8:44) will be there to whisper in your ear “If God loved you he wouldn’t have let this happen”. The devil doesn’t need to get you to do bad things for him to take control of your life. He just needs to get you to doubt God.

It’s through our pain that God can reveal his great love for you. This is when God is the closet to you and when we realize our great need for a savior and loving father.

Trials come to refine and make us more like the image of Christ. He allows them so we can have the opportunity to have what the Lord so desires and that is an intimate relationship with him. If we never faced trials we would never need to have faith.

Grieving is a process and takes time but we can find joy in the midst of our sorrows by entering into a relationship with Jesus and truly understanding how deeply he loves us. Let him build your confidence in him and his promises that will always hold true. He will never leave you or forsake you.

God is always accomplishing something through our suffering. Maybe it’s to draw us closer to him. Maybe it’s to lead someone else to him. You will influence thousands of people throughout your life without even knowing it. People see how you handle your suffering. They will see how you run to the Lord for shelter and comfort and how it is your song that you sing over the darkest valleys in life. He wants us to use our trials and testimony to come along side others and share the great love of the very real God we serve! There is no hurt or sorrow that Jesus can’t heal.

So, does God love some people more than others?  Thats not even a question, its a false statement.

If you are struggling and questioning God’s love for you please reach out for prayer and words of encouragement.


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