10 minute workout for the win

Do 10 minutes of cardio. Say what? Only 10 minutes of cardio? Yep, thats what I said. But here’s the deal: Whether you’re on a treadmill, an elliptical, or exercising outside, forget your steady pace. Instead, think high-intensity interval training. You’ll start out slow, then build in bursts of intense aerobic activity that push up your heart rate. You can do burst sprints of 20- or 30-seconds then a leisurely pace for a minute. Then, repeat that to total a 10 minute workout. You can also apply this to cycling, rowing, or aerobics.

You can compare interval training to driving a car. Cars burn more fuel with the stop-go, stop-go of city driving. On the highway, cruising at a steady pace, you don’t burn as much fuel. So, think of interval training as city miles — you’re burning more fuel, aka calories. Burning more calories equals more weight loss!


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